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Do you suspect your spouse of flirting on social networks like facebook and myspace? You might even think that they have an online affair? For you to find out the truth of what is going on, search social networks by your spouse e-mail or name might be your answer. By searching social networks you can find out a whole lot of information. You can view photographs, shared information and direct links to profile pages with the ability to search over 20 social networks using these directories. You can now find out information about literally anyone.

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There are hundreds of these directories available to the public all of which promise the best and most accurate results.  However, many of these directories are scams and are filled with false information.  Only a select few of these directories actually have the information they claim to have and this is what you must be smart about.  These special data partnerships that have been created are only accessible by certain directories.


Because of this I have found the best email or reverse email search engine that has promising results when learning how to search social networks by email or name.  This search engine is known as Email Finder.  Email Finder is one of the few directories that has a special data partnership allowing its members to search social networks by email or name.




With Email Finder you can search such social networks as Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Flickr and many more.  You can use Email Finder to search by someone's name to find their email address as well as their social network profiles.  You can also use Email Finder to search by someone's email address to find their name and social network profile so that you have two options of finding the people you desire.

Emailfinder make it easy to find almost anyone's email address. They have organized the world's largest directory of email addresses available to the public through special data partnerships. With their service you can instantly:

- Find current email, address, and phone information.
- Search profiles from over 20 social networks at once.

This will save you time and it can tell you a lot about your spouse. Is she flirting, is he telling other people online that he is single...
Results include photographs, information users have shared, and direct links to their profile pages. Networks include:

Yahoo 360
And over a dozen more!



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The reason we know Email Finder is a legitimate directory is because of the small fee that it charges its members.  This fee is for Email Finder paying its data partnership in order to provide you with the information you desire.  The only way this company can provide you with this information is by paying for its partnership and to do that it needs the small fee from its members.  If you want to learn how to search social networks by email or name then you will need to assistance of an email or reverse email search engine.  The best search engine for this function is Email Finder.


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