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  • The book will show you the top 12 cheating signs you need to know to be able and tell if your spouse is cheating on you or not.

  • Most cheaters make simple, yet costly mistakes in their relationships. These mistakes can actually make it much easier for you to catch your cheating spouse. 5 of the most common mistakes that cheaters, both men and women, make are outlined in the book.

  • In details we show you ways to catch your cheating spouse, how to catch cheating. How it can be done with simple methods using what you have at home. No need to hire a private investigator, you can find out for yourself if your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend are telling you the truth. The book will show you how to get solid evidence that your spouse can not deny. This is powerful - it will show you black on white if your spouse is faithful or not.

  • How do you deal with online cheating? We give you the answer in "Catch Your Cheating Spouse".

  • What do you do if your spouse is in fact cheating on you? We talk about that as well in the book.

  • This book will help you determine if your spouse is cheating and what you can do to catch cheating.

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Infidelity is hard, heartbreaking nothing you want  in your relationship with your spouse or partner. But you do not want to live your life in the dark any more, you do not want to live a lie,  you want to find out the truth. You might know the truth in your heart but you need the evidence to prove it.


There are a few different ways to get the evidence to find out the truth. You do not have to set up hidden surveillance cameras if you do not want to you can spy on your spouse using other devices like the cell phone or computer. Another device you can use is a tracking gps that you attach to the car.


If your spouse is cheating he or she is probably texting and talking to that other person. Maybe your spouse leave the room everytime someone call... If you can access the phone just once you can download a software that records all text messages, records who is calling and at what time. It is a very nifty little tool that will give you alot of useful information for a good price.


People also use the computer and internet to see what their spouse is up to, it is a good way to get black on white evidence. You download a software on the computer and you can read all emails send and recieved, see all websites your spouse visit and if he or she is chatting with someone they are not suppose to.



Hopefully you have time to save your relationship, best of luck to you.



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This e-book will show you the signs of cheating, reveal the TOP tools to use to catch your spouse cheating also the MISTAKES that all cheaters makes, but nobody talks about. "Catch Your Cheating Spouse" will give you the truth you have been looking for!